What do you do?”

"I’m not sure yet, actually"

Lost in Translation (2003)
Sofia Coppola

Anonymous asked: your fav childhood memory?


Not paying bills

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plot twist: i actually died many years ago this is just a queue 

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Exposure. That’s the only thing that works. Everything else is just talk. You have to have to courage to stay in the situation that frightens. And then you’ll learn that fear isn’t dangerous”

Antichrist (2009)
Lars von Trier



Sometimes I drink too much vodka or eat 3 servings of macaroni and cheese in one sitting, but by far the most unhealthy habit I have is comparing myself to others.

This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever read on tumblr

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"I knew a guy who was dyslexic, but he was also cross-eyed, so everything came out right."

Gummo (1997) Dir. Harmony Korine

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“I had this health teacher who kept me after class one time, saying, ‘You’re missing a lot of class.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but I’m doing this play.’ He said, ‘Community theatre is not going to take you anywhere. Maybe you should stay in school’”
- Dane Dehaan


Everyone pretends to be normal and be your friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don’t know about, and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other’s tapes and find out what each of us was really like.

Palo Alto - James Franco

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